Start the business in just 10 thousand

Home Food:

If you make excellent biryani or you have no second cake or your whole family of kebabs is crazy, make the best use of this ability. You already have the kitchen. Necessary equipment is also available. You need more cooking equipment, packaging, and essential marketing to start a business.

 Supply food:

Ration shops arrange homes, but very few. You can also do this in your car, motorcycle, or bicycle. Charge customers the cost of delivering and deliver the household necessities at their doorstep. Once you have a sensible amount of consumers, every store in the area will want you to buy from them.


If you specialize in a topic, try blogging to make this information accessible to the general public. You can earn cash by trading advertising space or even start a subscription service. This is the same thing as video blogging. Just use a writing medium instead of a picture.

 Content Producer:

If you cannot set up your blog for blogging but are not technically qualified, you can write content for other blogs. Different organizations and websites can make a good deal of money for a talented writer and can be a great root of income for you. 12 – Programming: Learn to program or code, such as a programming language like Ruby, that you can earn a lot from it. It lets you start a developer’s business.

 Mobile repairing:

If you have the skills to repair anything, but you do not have the money to open a shop, go to the client yourself. This mobile repair shop can be for fixing a computer or even repairing furniture, in which you will only need marketing and experience.

 Online sales:

If you are keen on buying good stuff at a lower price, which is considered a great skill in Pakistan, you can make extra money by selling this product on OLX or similar websites. Things that have a high trend of online shopping. Buy from the general market and sell online with reasonable profits. With no shop and no significant investment.

Logo design:

If you’re creative, designing a logo can be a great start. By building unique logos or the ability to present them freshly by taking on templates, you can earn enough online.

Automatic translation:

The world is getting smaller. Businesses need to translate into different languages to enter the market. If you specialize in English and Urdu simultaneously or you know Arabic with Urdu, then you can quickly get a good job in Pakistan, without any responsibility.

App Development:

The mobile revolution is at its peak, and the ability to build an app is going hand in hand right now. If you have so much programming skills, you can start great business from home.


From wedding ceremonies to general photography, photography has become a perfect business at that time. Although good cameras and accessories will not come in at Rs 10,000, if you want to make a photography hobby business, you can invest it in small business and make a lot of money. It’s just advertising.

Fashion design:

If you have sewing embroidery inside and can create unique designs, you can make a lot of money these days. Do not let this ability ruin you. With the right advertising and the right equipment, you can create the best of life.

Travel Helper:

If you are keen on travel, have plenty of experience, then be aware that there are thousands of travellers who have trouble about traveling. You can start your business by creating a travel plan for them.

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