What is social media marketing and how it effects our daily life (3)

Broader and more natural source of propaganda: Social media has now become a significant source of widespread dissemination of its message to any large organization (political, social, etc.). This message may be true and false. Social media has become a Muslim as a propaganda tool. Many political parties have used it effectively in India. There have been several reports about the saffron party’s contenders saying how they created their artificial wave through social media and created something that everyone could see. The ruling Congress, too, has fallen short on the issue, but its team is also loud. Social media has played a vital role in strengthening the claims of development and spreading it to the younger generation in an Indian state. It influences the opinion of a neutral person, shapes his or her political, and His help in forming opinions on social issues has made all this possible today with the help of social media.

Access to large groups: With the help of social media, today, it is possible to access a large group in seconds easily. A large number of Facebook groups, YouTube videos, and Twitter Followers all help access this large group of messages. Therefore, what is written on social media has a bearing on how many people it will reach and how many people it will reach.

Creating a Public Trend: The presence of Trends on Twitter and Facebook reflects the general trend of a particular region or people on a given topic. The HashTag, the invention of Twitter, has been a great help in identifying trends. Social media sites are the most significant trend on a topic that has the most use of Hashtag, and this trend reflects the general opinion of people on the site.

Learning and dissemination of knowledge: Social media has become an essential means of education and acquiring new information on many issues and issues. Many things that a person is usually not interested in or cannot read, thanks to social media, he reads such things and then increases his interest. This behavior also leads to an increase in people’s academic ability and knowledge.

Some important aspect

There are some essential factors to keep in mind regarding social media:

Who to belong to?

There are many types of relationships in social media. Where you follow someone on Twitter or someone follows you, Facebook shows a friendship, page likes, group membership, and follow up a relationship. Similarly, on sites like YouTube, though there is no such expression, the videos you watch and the channels you follow reflect your interest. We must have bright ideas about who we should develop or whom we will build relationships with. Sites like Facebook have also been involved in tracking down an individual’s activity through fake friendship requests. Likewise, Facebook offers similar things to your friends and your page likes. We must be careful in this regard. While a top friend list can be a great way to get your message across to people, it can also lead to unhealthy behavior issues.

What to post?

It also matters what kind of posts you post on social media or the type of message you have. Where a short and meaningful job spreads to hundreds of people in minutes, your message loses its usefulness if it is significant and meaningless. Doing multiple posts simultaneously or spamming, in other words, also makes your post pointless, and people don’t pay attention to it. Nowadays, there is a trend to report every activity on social media. This type of job is usually ignored. Things should be brief and meaningful.

How about Post Contents?

Social media is usually only about 8% of the people who make Contents; the rest is usually done by sharing or spreading it. As requested, your post should be meaningful, not just rely on text but also content like images, graphics, audio, and videos increase the value of the job. And not just making a post or content is important, but your involvement in the discussion or discussion is just as significant. Participation in conference usually adds more value to your message than one-way message delivery. An important reason for the popularity of many prominent politicians’ tweets on twitter is their participation in public discussions.

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