What is social media marketing and how it effects our daily life (2)

Opportunity to meet new people:

These sites offer a variety of amenities such as meeting new people, befriending them, viewing their messages, and commenting on them. Facebook has become very sensitive in this regard, and it automatically connects people to fun people based on their interests, interests, and so on. This thing gained a lot of popularity in the younger generation, and they found this world quite attractive as opposed to the real world where you can spend time with your people without becoming boredom.

More significant opportunities to share ideas:

In this era of technology, all these sites have tried to reach out to every technique and allow it to be used on sites that are available to the general public on the Internet. So not just Textual Posts, but everything you can offer, pictures, graphics, cartoons, videos and more. The things you love can reach others, such as a site, news, a university admission brochure, comment on an article, opinion from a colleague on a matter, or getting it in the form of a vote. Participating in online games with people on the Internet, liking or disliking someone else’s opinion, expressing their views, so everything through which a person shows his or her social behavior, through social networking sites tried to submit.

Big Network Presence: It is also a fact that over the past few years the popularity of these sites and the presence of millions of people connected to them has attracted many more people due to verbal advertising and curiosity, which is why but the speed of their spread increased several times.

Social Media Effects

The impact of social media is widely talked about today. These effects are so widespread that everyone can observe them even in simple normal life; a long article is needed to explain these effects. Some of the primary and main types of impacts are listed below:

News Spread:

Social networking has become a great source of news or news coverage of any kind nowadays. Of course, the accuracy of these news reports is not absolute, but in spite of this, any event in any part of the world reaches out in seconds via social media. During the Egyptian revolution, while the Mubarak government imposed strict restrictions on the transmission of all information, social media played a vital role in bringing the events of the revolution to the world. In the absence of social media, perhaps the world could not have been less familiar with the Egyptian revolution. Rumors and videos circulated by a few common elements on social media before the riots in Muzaffarnagar in the past played an important role in spreading hatred and inciting riots.


Offering an opportunity to interact and connect is an essential goal of social media. The success of social media in this field is undeniable. Millions of people around the world are taking advantage of the constant social interaction provided by social media. He has done the work of connecting many old friends, and we find many stories related to him on the Internet.

The birth of a new language and a new attitude:

Social media has given birth to a new language. Social media has taught many people the ability to say their word in simple and accessible ways and at least words, rather than lengthy speeches or lengthy articles. In particular, Twitter recognizes itself in this regard. Featured comments, quick replies, and subtitles are the highlight of this Twitter message (tweets). People who are active on Twitter and know how to use it are well aware of how words are played on social media and how intelligent people are to convey their message. And the matter is not limited to here. The younger generation has expanded this language throughout their lives. As a result, you can now use the same language, from college canteens to friends to gossip concerts. English words such as LOL, BUZZ, are no longer limited to social media but are now everywhere.

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